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FlyBy Email Marketing Campaigns

Congratulations! You’ve just found the Aviation Industry’s fastest, easiest and most cost effective method to expose your aircraft, services or products to over 60,000 consumers. For over 20 years AircraftMarketPlace and its parent company Plane Fax have been developing quality marketing campaigns that have contributed to millions of dollars in aircraft sales, aviation products and services.

It’s all in the list:

Our FlyBy list is made up of the industries movers and shakers, aircraft owners, aviation businesses, FBOs and just about anyone related to the aviation industry. We are actively adding to this list on a daily basis, combing the internet, attending trade shows and even going out to local airports to find new readers that wish to receive our campaigns. With this continued growth, our customers continue to reap the benefits of their professional image being exposed to more potential customers and receiving more qualified leads than ever.

Ease of use:

Send us an e-mail, send us to your website, upload your design or just give us a call. The rest will be handled by our project manager and our second-to-none graphic design department. Holding your hand through the entire process, we make sure your campaign is professionally designed for the maximum lead generation and creating a professional image for your aircraft, product or service.

Time is on your side:

Since we have no magazines, newspapers or books to print and distribute, there is very little lead time needed to compile the campaign. Since you’re not waiting for snail mail to distribute to different locations there is very little lag time for sending it out. Typically, we can go from first contact to sending the campaign to the distribution list within 24 hours.

You’re cleared for takeoff:

What are you waiting for? Get your sales off the ground. Contact us today or upload your design and have your FlyBy Email Marketing Campaign delivered directly to your customer’s inbox tomorrow!



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