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Ft. Collins Colorado
11/21/14 11:26AM
1977 CESSNA 182Q
Sarasota Florida
11/21/14 09:34AM
New Groton Connecticut
11/21/14 09:22AM
11/21/14 09:11AM
Idabel Oklahoma
11/21/14 08:57AM
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UAS Operators See FAA Rule Backlash

A story in Monday's Wall Street Journal (subscription required) says the FAA's proposed rulemaking on commercial use of unmanned aerial systems will face so much backlash that it could take years to enact. Citing unnamed sources, the Journal says the big sticking point will be the requirement for a private pilot certificate for commercial UAS pilots.

Airline Grounds Caravans After Icing Incident

A northern Canadian airline has temporarily grounded its fleet of four Cessna Caravans after one made an emergency landing on a frozen lake early Thursday. The flight from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson was about 15 miles into the flight when it apparently encountered severe icing.

Endangered Sea Turtles Need GA Transport

More than 400 sea turtles have stranded along north-shore beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and are in need of transport to aquariums where they can be cared for, Leslie Weinstein told AVweb on Saturday. Weinstein, of Boise, Idaho, is a board member for the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at the University of Florida. Several kinds of migratory turtles, which spend the summer in New England waters but head south in winter, have been driven ashore by a sudden drop in water temperature and strong onshore winds.

Report: China To Start Electric Airplane Production

Two copies of the Rui Xiang RX1E two-seat electric-powered airplane flew at the China Airshow, held last week in Zhuhai, and this week, it was reported that construction has begun on a manufacturing plant in Shenyang. Certification of the aircraft is expected later this year, and production is expected to begin in the first half of 2015, according to China Daily. The plant will be capable of producing up to 100 airplanes per year.

GA Advocates Seek FAA Reform

The FAA should support the general aviation community in three key areas -- third-class medical reform, aircraft certification, and the ADS-B Out mandate -- AOPA President Mark Baker told a congressional committee on Tuesday. "We need the FAA to embrace a system that can keep up with rapidly changing technology; that is comfortable with timely, economical, and incremental safety improvements; and that will actually work to reduce risk today for hundreds of thousands of GA pilots," Baker said.

Garmin 7-Inch Display Now Shipping

Garmin now has a 7-inch G3X Touch display option available for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft, the company said this week. The high-resolution touchscreen display provides an option for owners of aircraft with smaller panels who may be looking for upgrades. The new screen also can be paired with a 10.6-inch display to serve as a backup or to provide a second screen with traffic, moving maps, charts or engine data.

The Weekender: History, Gumbo, Gliding

With holidays and winter looming, activities in the northern half of the country are more scarce than usual this week, but SocialFlight still can help adventure-seeking pilots find plenty of places to go.

Airbus Patents "Flying Doughnut" Design

Airbus has filed a patent for a futuristic "flying doughnut" design for a passenger aircraft, the Daily Mail reported this week. The patent drawings show a circular cabin with seats arranged in a "doughnut" pattern, and a delta wing plan. The design aims to overcome some of the problems associated with pressurizing the traditional "flying tube" fuselage.

Successful Test For Firefighting Helo-Drone

Lockheed Martin and Kaman Aerospace successfully tested an unmanned K-Max helicopter in simulated firefighting exercises, the companies said this week. During the demonstration, a small VTOL Indago quad-rotor drone effectively identified hot spots, and provided data to an operator who directed the unmanned helicopter to autonomously extinguish the flames. In one hour, the helicopter lifted and dropped more than 24,000 pounds of water onto a fire.

Boeing Test-Flies Eco-technologies

Boeing launched its ecoDemonstrator 787 in Seattle this week, to start flight-testing more than 25 new technologies aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducing noise. The new round of testing, using 787 Dreamliner ZA004, will evaluate software and connectivity technologies related to operational efficiency, remote sensors to reduce wiring, aerodynamic and flight control improvements for greater fuel efficiency, and icephobic wing coatings to reduce ice accumulation.

New This Week

AVweb's weekly search of the news in the world of aviation turned up new leadership roles at Honeywell Aerospace, Key Air, the board of Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

Plane Crashes Into House Near Midway

An Aero Commander 500 crashed into a house about a quarter-mile from Midway International Airport in Chicago at 2:42 this morning, coming within eight inches of an elderly couple asleep in bed, who were unhurt, according to local news media reports. The pilot did not survive. The airplane was carrying cargo and had departed from Midway about 2:30 a.m.

NTSB Upholds FAA Drone Authority

The FAA does have the authority to apply its rule prohibiting careless and reckless flight to the operators of unmanned aircraft, the NTSB said on Tuesday. The safety board offered the opinion in its review of the case of Raphael Pirker, who was fined $10,000 by the FAA for allegedly operating an unmanned aircraft in a "careless or reckless manner" in 2011.

Airbus To Expand Beluga Fleet

Airbus will build five new Beluga transport aircraft, the company announced this week. Only five of the large-transport airplanes exist, all of them operated by Airbus to transport large aircraft components between production sites in Europe. The original fleet was based on the A300, but the new airplane will be based on the A330 widebody, with "a large re-use of existing components and equipment," Airbus said. The first of the five new Belugas will enter service in mid-2019.

Avionics Sales Dip In Third Quarter

Avionics sales dipped slightly in the third quarter of 2014 with total sales more than $614 million, according to statistics released by the Aircraft Electronics Association Tuesday. That's a 5-percent drop compared to the same period of 2013, which saw $646 million in sales.

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