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2004 DIAMOND DA 40

11/25/14 01:56PM
Ft. Collins Colorado
11/21/14 11:26AM
1977 CESSNA 182Q
Sarasota Florida
11/21/14 09:34AM
New Groton Connecticut
11/21/14 09:22AM
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SAFE Executive Director To Retire

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators announced Friday that Executive Director Doug Stewart will retire when his contract expires in February. Stewart was among the founding members of the organization, which formed in 2009. Stewart was SAFE's first chair and was named executive director in November 2011.

Diamond's First DA42 on Display in Austrian Museum

Diamond Aircraft's first DA42 Twin Star has a new home in Austria's science and industry museum, the Technisches Museum Wien in Vienna. The twin-engine diesel airplane had its first flight in December 2002 in Austria with Diamond CEO Christian Dries as test pilot. A year and a half later, the DA42 made the first non-stop Atlantic crossing by a diesel engine-powered GA airplane. The airplane received FAA certification in 2005.

New This Week

AVweb's search of new developments in aviation uncovered the latest test flight of CIrrus Aircraft's jet, a first flight for Airbus' latest military helicopter, and acquisitions announced by Continental Motors and Momentum Aviation Holdings.

Red Bull Air Race Schedule for 2015 Announced

The 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship will feature two new stops in Japan and Russia, organizers announced this week. Red Bull will hold eight races and start its tour on Feb. 13 in Abu Dhabi, where the series launched its 2014 season. New venues will be in Chiba, Japan, May 16-17 and Sochi, Russia, May 30-31. From there, the tour will race in Hungary, Great Britain and Austria before arriving in the U.S. for two stops, Fort Worth in September and Las Vegas in October.

Canada's Psutka To Retire

The president of the world's second largest AOPA pilots' group is retiring sometime in 2015. Kevin Psutka, president of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) will step down as soon as a replacement can be hired, COPA said Thursday.

Trappe Flies Again

Pilot Jonathan Trappe, who has flown his unique cluster-balloon systems across the English Channel, Lake Michigan, and the Alps, last week completed his first flight in more than a year, launching from Decatur, Alabama, and landing about nine hours later, 160 miles away, in Ellijay, Georgia. "We flew on November 21, which is Montgolfier Day, the anniversary of the first hot-air balloon flight, in 1783," Trappe told AVweb this week. He said while on his previous flights he was often pushing the limits of the technology -- culminating in an attempt to cross the Atlantic in September 2013 -- this flight was just for fun.

First Helicopter Solo At 16 Makes New Mexico History

Isaac Wilson made history in his home state of New Mexico on Tuesday when he flew his first solo in a helicopter at age 16. The flight over Double Eagle II Airport in Albuquerque was the first of its kind there. It also was a unique milestone for Wilson's instructor, Douglas Christian of Vertical Limit Aviation. "Sixteen years old, he's making history today," Christian told KOB News 4. "He has the whole world in front of him and he's gonna be a great pilot."

The Weekender: Hot Dogs, Homestyle Breakfasts and Homebuilding

A weekend getaway from Thanksgiving leftovers and shopping crowds is in store for pilots via SocialFlight, especially those looking for continuing education opportunities. If you're still looking for food -perhaps something other than turkey - head south for breakfast and east for lunch.

KLM Campaign Reaches Out To Airline Travelers

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines took marketing and customer service a step further in recent weeks with a five-day event assisting thousands of travelers around the world. In a video released this month, the airline described the social media-based "#happytohelp" campaign as its way of reaching out to non-KLM customers. "We decided to help out everyone, even people who don't fly KLM," the ad says. The airline set up a help center at Schiphol Plaza at Amsterdam Airport and a Twitter hashtag, and sent out teams of blue-jacketed employees on various missions.

Passengers Push Stuck Airplane in Russia

Video of passengers pushing an airliner where its wheels had frozen to the ground in northern Russia made news around the world this week. The video shows people pushing the Tupolev Tu-134 backwards on a tarmac in Igarka, where it was 61 degrees below zero, the Associated Press reported. The UTair Russian airliner was to carry 74 oil workers and seven crewmembers from Igarka to Krasnoyarsk 800 miles to the south, but the plane's brakes were frozen, according to the AP report.

Second Cirrus Test Jet Flies

Cirrus's SF50 jet program took a major step forward on Tuesday with the first flight of its second certification flight test aircraft. C1, as it has been dubbed, took off at 3:30 p.m. from Duluth International Airport for a 45-minute flight.

Corporate Jet Skids Off Runway In Texas

A corporate jet skidded off a wet runway and into a creek at Sugar Land Regional Airport in Texas Friday, Houston-area media reported. Two pilots on board were uninjured, and the Embraer Phenom ended up tail-first in Oyster Creek. After touchdown, the pilot tried to make a U-turn to avoid going off the end of the runway, said Patricia Pollicoff, a spokeswoman for the city of Sugar Land, which owns the airport.

Houston Controller Talks VFR Pilot Through IMC

ATC audio of a Houston controller talking a VFR pilot through an emergency IFR approach into Houston Executive Airport included instruction on setting up a GPS, vectors, and managing the Cessna 172's engine as it descended from 8500 feet. Pilot Mark Nelson had called ATC for help when he was trapped above clouds flying his Cessna 172 over Texas on Nov. 16.

New Mexico FBO Owner Dies In Crash

Tyler Francis, owner of an FBO business in New Mexico, died Monday when the experimental airplane he was flying crashed at Las Cruces International Airport, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported. Francis, 29, owned Francis Aviation, headquartered at the Dona Ana County Airport in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Short Final

After a VFR departure from a satellite airport, I called TYS approach. ... Me: "Knoxville, Cheyenne 1234 is off Morristown for a clearance to Nashville." ... Approach: "Squawk 2345." ... Me: "O.K., squawking 2345." ... [A bit of a pause.] ... Approach: "Cheyenne 1234, squawk Oscar November." ... I fixed the problem right away. -- Billy Chandler

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