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2004 DASSAULT Falcon 2000EX EASy
East Granby CT
03/26/21 12:10PM
1997 BELL 407
03/01/21 12:51PM
1986 BELL 412HP/EP

03/01/21 12:48PM

11/02/20 03:14PM
1982 LEARJET 35A

09/22/20 10:27PM


Most common questions about FR24 (that I see here) answered in one image...More

Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4 ZJ938 gets a pre-delivery shake down in the Mach loop. Aug 2013....More

I was working on my house yesterday when an air ambulance landed in my front yard....More

RAF Atlas A400m banking directly over my house a few hours ago!...More

Departing out of DEN on a 764 at 05:58 local...More

A joke (ignore flair)...More

My late Grandfather was a prominent photographer for the US Air Force in the 80’s. Some of his work is in the National Archive public domain. I think y’all will appreciate these A-10 shots....More

Beautiful takeoff from Boston...More

A plane inside a plane...More

my birthday BA747 cake :D...More

Well, not me. Just be careful out there with the young ones....More

Rotor hub, check [UH-72 Lakota]...More

Breguet 941 in Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport near Paris. One of so many STOL airplanes that did not succeed...More

Waited almost an hour to see this thing take off. It decided to leave minutes after I’d left my spot....More

A picture that my mom took while I went up flying. I’m pretty sure I just took off....More

Glass cockpit of the new IL-76MD-90A airlifter...More

Minicopter test flight goes catastrophically wrong...More

Can someone please explain to me what visual phenomenon this is? Some sort of water-reflection effect? This isn't an edited photo. I saw this while I was flying out of RJCC to RJAA (Summer, 2016)...More

Rate my F/A-18 Model...More

Dutch C-130 from another Dutch C-130...More

Celtic's Airplane...More

Volga Dnepr at Hamilton Airport....More

Airbus + Pratt & Whitney = JetBlue @ JFK...More

Wingfoot 3, the newest Goodyear blimp, doing pattern work at it's base in Carson, CA....More

A Robinson R44 of the Philippines' Special Action Force (SAF) headed for Fort Drum, a concrete battleship built by the United States in 1909...More

Aircraft on the Autobahn. From an exercise called “highway 84” and that took place on Autobahn A29 before it was opened for the public in 1984....More

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