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1981 CESSNA T210N

06/24/15 03:19PM
2008 CESSNA 182T Skylane

06/24/15 11:27AM
2006 CESSNA 172SP Skyhawk

06/24/15 11:04AM
2005 CESSNA 182T Skylane

06/24/15 10:50AM
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Happy Fourth, Happy Flying

The Weekender's Fourth of July will be packed with stuff to fly to and enjoy, as seen on the SocialFlight calendar. For Independence Day fun with grassroots flying, there's the Ogle County Airport's summer Best in the Midwest breakfast in Illinois.

FAA To Cut Airport Advisories, WACs

The FAA plans to eliminate two of the less frequently used resources provided to pilots in the coming months – Airport Advisories and World Aeronautical Charts. In two separate moves, the agency cited declining usage of both due to the digital information available to pilots. There's a public comment period on Airport Advisories, but the FAA issued a notice in the Federal Register a week ago it will discontinue WACs without a comment period.

Refurbished Eclipse Jets Get An Upgrade

Eclipse has retired its Total Eclipse series of aircraft, and instead will offer a new factory-refurbished twinjet called the Eclipse Special Edition, the company said this week. The SE, based on the original Eclipse 500, will include nearly all the features of the factory-new 550 jet, including a dual Avio integrated flight management system, anti-skid brakes, a new standby display unit, PPG glass windshields, an upgraded interior, and a two-tone paint scheme.

FAA Proposes Fine In Fatal Cargo Crash

The FAA says the operator of a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan in April 2013, killing all seven on board, failed to comply with FARs when loading heavy military vehicles onto the plane. National Air Cargo Group, based in Orlando, Florida, didn't follow the 747 flight manual, resulting in cargo that was not properly restrained to prevent shifting during flight operations, the FAA said.

Child Starts Up Helo At Airshow Display

A six-year-old boy climbed into the cockpit of a Eurocopter EC145 on display at an airshow in Mankato, Minnesota, on Saturday, and started up the rotors, "causing a panic and two minor injuries," according to a local ABC Radio news report. The medevac helicopter, which is owned by the Mayo Clinic, was unattended when the boy entered the cockpit and started to flip switches and push buttons. The helicopter team members, who were nearby, quickly reached the aircraft and shut it down.

Aircraft Spruce Co-Founder Bob Irwin Dies

Aircraft Spruce co-founder Bob Irwin died June 26 at his home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Irwin and his wife Flo started Fullerton Air Parts in 1955, Aircraft Spruce in 1965 and ACS Products Co. in 1983, building the business into the largest supplier of aviation supplies in the U.S.

C-130 Crashes In Indonesia, Over 100 Feared Dead

An Indonesian air force C-130 transport plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in Medan, Indonesia, shortly after takeoff on Tuesday, with more than 100 people on board, including military personnel, their families, and 12 crew. No survivors have been confirmed. Images from the site show a mangled and charred wreckage, a burning car and a shattered building. Smoke billowed and crowds gathered nearby. Officials said the aircraft had taken off from Jakarta, the capital city, and made two stops before arriving at Medan.

Short Final

Flying from Boeing Field in Seattle to the San Juan Islands, I was monitoring the departure frequency when I heard a pilot report that he'd seen an eagle near the inbound course to 12 right at BFI. An unknown pilot asked: "What was he squawking?" -- Ed Griswold (Griz)

Three Killed When Plane Crashes Into House

A Beechcraft A36 Bonanza crashed into a house in Plainville, Massachusetts, about 5:45 p.m. on Sunday, killing two adults and a child on board the airplane. The four residents of the house, a couple and two children, escaped unharmed, but their two-story Colonial home in a suburb about 30 miles from Boston was destroyed by fire. FAA officials said the aircraft had departed from Lancaster Airport in Pennsylvania and was headed for Norwood Airport in Massachusetts, about 20 miles from the crash site. The pilot told ATC he was in trouble, minutes before the crash. "I need help," he said. "The engine is sputtering … we're in IMC." ATC tried to steer him to the nearby interstate for an emergency landing.

Solar Impulse Crossing The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 launched from Nagoya, Japan, en route to Hawaii, on Sunday, and early Monday morning the unique solar-powered aircraft passed "the point of no return," the team announced. The team expects it will take at least five days to make the unprecedented trip. Pilot Andre Borschberg is piloting what will be the longest-ever solo flight, and it also will be the longest distance ever flown by an aircraft powered solely by the sun.

AOPA Pressing Medical Reform

AOPA is hoping for some movement on the relaxation of third class aviation medical requirements "in the next few weeks," according to a report recorded for AOPA Live. Jim Coon, AOPA's senior vice president of government affairs, told the program that medical reform remains AOPA's top priority.

SpaceX Rocket Lost In Explosion

A SpaceX rocket failed Sunday as it went through Mach 1 when an oxygen tank in the vehicle's upper stage overpressurized.

Pushback On ATC Privatization

NBAA is urging its members to strongly oppose a proposal to separate air traffic control from the FAA through the establishment of a not-for-profit corporation. Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Penn., chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has said he'll introduce a bill to create the corporation to free the air traffic control system from the vagaries of political influence in its funding.

UAS Keeps Air Tankers From Fire

Fire officials in California are imploring amateur UAS operators to steer well clear of wildfire areas after three air tankers had to abort drops on a fire east of Los Angeles. Officials said a fixed-wing UAS with a four-foot wingspan was spotted over the Lake Fire in the San Bernardino mountains and forced a DC-10 tanker and two small aircraft to turn away. The fire is at the 11,000-foot level. Another UAS was spotted later flying 1,200 feet above the ground, three times the height allowed under hobby rules. "These folks who are handling these drones, I have to assume they have no idea what they're doing," Chon Bribiescas, a spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service, told reporters Thursday. "They not only endangered the folks on the ground, but they endanger the pilots. It's infuriating."

Nine Dead In Alaska Floatplane Crash

The pilot and eight tourists aboard a floatplane on a sightseeing flight in southeast Alaska died when the aircraft crashed into rugged terrain Thursday, CNN reported this morning. The DeHavilland DHC-3T Otter was carrying cruise ship passengers to view the Misty Fjords National Monument, accessible only by floatplanes or boats, according to CNN. The plane crashed about 25 miles northeast of Ketchikan.

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