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2012 CESSNA 182T Skylane

10/20/14 03:57PM
Sarasota Florida
10/20/14 02:03PM
10/20/14 05:30AM

10/16/14 02:17PM
Sarasota Florida
10/16/14 01:12PM
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Short Final

While a young second lieutenant at nav school at Mather Air Force Base in 1983, I was trundling along in a T-37 in the high teens on a training mission. I overheard the following conversation between an Air Force pilot and a controller who was apparently unfamiliar with the Northern California air space and the SR-71s and U-2s that routinely flew from Beale AFB. ... Air Force Pilot: "Oakland Approach, Air Force XX for FL600." ... Oakland Approach: "AF XX, Oakland Approach. If you can reach it, it's yours. Cleared for FL600." ... Air Force Pilot: "Roger that, Oakland Approach. Descending to FL600." ... The pilot and I just looked at each other and laughed! Only in America! -- Chris Fairchild

Textron Opens NBAA Convention

Textron Aviation launched NBAA's annual Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Orlando on Monday morning, with a news conference marking their first appearance at the show since uniting the Cessna and Beechcraft lines under one corporate umbrella. The company brought 12 aircraft to the static display at Orlando Executive Airport, with turboprops and jets from both lines, including the newly certified Citation CJ3+ and the Citation X+, which regained for the company the claim to the world's fastest civil aircraft when it was certified in June.

Embraer 'Consolidating Position'

Embraer says it has no near-term plans to develop new ultra long-range or supersonic business aircraft. At the National Business Aviation Association convention in Orlando on Monday, Marco Tulio Pellegrini, the CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, said the company, which didn't enter the business jet market until 2000, has plenty on its plate.

With New Orders, Gulfstream is Bullish on Growth

Between Qatar Airways and Flexjet, Gulfstream bagged 70 airplane orders just in October. And company officials say it's had a good five years.

Ebola On NBAA Agenda

The National Business Aviation Association is dealing head-on with the business aviation implications of the spread of Ebola. The organization, which opens its annual convention Tuesday in Orlando, has added a "pop-up education session" entitled Best Practices: Ebola and Business Aviation.

TSA Administrator Pistole To Retire

TSA Administrator John Pistole has announced his intention to retire at the end of the year for a job at Anderson University. Pistole, with a little more than four years in the top TSA job, is the longest-serving administrator. He is credited with implementing a more "risk-based" approach to transportation security, including the popular Trusted Traveler and PreCheck programs that allow enrollees speedier trips through security lines.

RC Model Rules Reinstated

As suddenly as it cancelled the rule, the FAA has reinstated Advisory Circular 91-57, the Model Aircraft Operating Standards that have guided radio control aircraft operators since 1981. As we reported last week, the AC was cancelled on Oct. 10. It was back in force by Oct. 14.

X-37B Lands After 674 Days In Orbit

The X-37B unmanned space plane landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Friday. The awkward looking machine glided to an uneventful landing at 9:34 a.m. local time.

Mitsubishi To Roll Out New Regional Jet

Tomorrow, Mitsubishi Aircraft will roll its entry into the world's regional jet competition, the MRJ--Japan's first commercial airliner in more than 50 years.

Marines: We'll Deploy F-35 On Time

The U.S. Marine Corps announced that it is determined to meet its goal of having its first squadron of 10 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighters ready for combat in July 2015.

Ebola Patient Jet Made More Flights

Despite Frontier Airlines stating that it grounded the jet that carried a Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola immediately after it was notified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it had made five additional flights before it was parked.

New This Week

AVweb's weekly review of what is happening in aviation uncovered news of an invitation to fly in and help out with Bahamas Habitat, a record-setting third quarter for Embraer, a collaboration in the development of the Sun Flyer electric airplane, and an announcement that Hartzell's developmental activities for its new five-blade prop will be showcased at the NBAA convention.

NTSB Taking Over Investigation Of 747 Crash In Afghanistan

The NTSB announced today that will take over and complete the investigation into the April 29, 2013, crash of a National Airlines Boeing 747 at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.

Drone Enforcement Will Target Certificated Pilots

Last week the FAA issued Change 6 to the Compliance and Enforcement Handbook for its inspectors, providing enforcement guidelines for violation of the FARs by drone operators.

The Weekender: Fall Colors, Homemade Ice Cream

Fly-ins offer a chance to explore small airports, with their quirky appeal and hidden assets, and this weekend provides plenty of opportunities. SocialFlight makes it easy to find events near and far using their free website and app. This weekend, Benton Airport, in Benton, Pennsylvania, hosts an Open House on Saturday, with a ham roast for lunch, homemade ice cream and pie, airplane rides and hayrides, and lots of aircraft, antique cars, and motorcycles on display amid the fall colors.

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