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Wren 460, the Ultimate STOL

By:      Norm Goyer Thanks Wikipedia for supplying the technical information for the Wren 460. NG The Wren got its beginning from the STOL Skyshark aircraft by Jim Robertson in the late 1950s. The Skyshark incorporated a number of novel features, … Continue reading

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The RV Family of Outstanding Homebuilts

By:      Norm Goyer “Richard VanGrunsven created all the RV homebuilt kits starting with an RV-1 from a single example of a Stits SA-3 Playboy modified with a 125 hp Lycoming engine and a custom wing” Now that you have read the RV Birth … Continue reading

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The More the Merrier, Seats Sell Sedans

By:      Norm Goyer A few years after the World War II ended, the aviation market place was loaded, as it is now, with two place aircraft. These aircraft were great as trainers but few pilots wanted to purchase them … Continue reading

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