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2005 CESSNA 182T Skylane

04/16/14 03:36PM
2008 CESSNA 172 Skyhawk SP

04/16/14 03:31PM
Lindon UT
04/16/14 02:12PM
1997 CESSNA 172R Skyhawk

04/16/14 11:44AM
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'Aviation Consumer' Paint Shop Survey 2014

Finding a reliable and skilled paint shop is a daunting challenge for many aircraft owners. If you've had your aircraft painted within the past few years, the editors at "Aviation Consumer" magazine want to know about your experience. Please take this brief survey, and the staff will report on the results in an upcoming issue of "Aviation Consumer."

Bag-Dropping Workers Face Dismissal

Air Canada says it will fire two baggage handlers caught on video dropping carry-on items from the top of a stairway into a bin 20 feet below last week. Passenger Dwayne Stewart shot the video last Thursday at Toronto's Pearson International Airport as he and his incredulous seatmate watched through the window.

Archie League Awards Honor Controllers

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association recently held its annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards, honoring controllers who have kept their cool in dangerous and challenging circumstances. There were controllers from each of the FAA's nine regions honored, including those on duty when Asiana Flight 214 crashed short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport last July 6.

New Photo Of Mystery Plane Emerges

A somewhat clearer photo of a so-far unidentified aircraft has emerged, this time from Wichita and it shows a little more detail of the delta-shaped flying wing. The photo was taken by Jeff Templin in February, a few weeks before two photographers in Amarillo, Texas got images of what may be the same type of aircraft

AirVenture 2014 NOTAM Now Available

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014 Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), featuring arrival and departure procedures for the Experimental Aircraft Association's 62nd annual fly-in convention July 28-August 3 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.

Mystery N-Registered Bizjet in Iran

Despite strict economic sanctions in place against Iran, a U.S.-registered Bombardier Challenger, N604EP, was spotted on the ramp at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran earlier this week. Who is traveling in it and who is flying it are mysteries as the jet is registered to the Bank of Utah as trustee for the investors who have a financial stake in the airplane.

New This Week

Our weekly survey of aviation news turned up an announcement of certification of the newest Airbus Helicopter, tighter rules regarding helicopter ambulance operators, an NTSB seminar on loss of control accidents and a new Pilot Welcome Center at Friday Harbor, Washington.

Scholarships Awarded to Women in Transportation Studies

WTS International, the association for the professional advancement of women in transportation, has announced the selection of the winners of its seven scholarships for 2014. Each of the winners will be recognized at an awards banquet on May 15 during the 2014 WTS Annual Conference in Portland, Ore.

Laid-Back CNN MH370 Expert Fired

A Canadian flight instructor who has been one of CNN's go-to experts in its exhaustive coverage of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has been fired at least in part because of his fondness for unbuttoned plaid shirts worn over white undershirts.

The Weekender: Fly-In Season Accelerates

Our weekly review of the fly-ins posted on SocialFlight showed that with warmer weather, the traditional fly-in season has started. We found fly-ins that included everything from a pig roast to a spot landing contest.

Lost Southwest Pilots' Fate Determined

Southwest Airlines has completed its investigation into an incident in January when a 737 crew landed at the wrong airport, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday. The captain is now back at work and the first officer has chosen to retire, the airline said. Airline spokesperson Brandy King said Southwest is continuing to work with the NTSB, which has not yet released its final report. The airline declined to say which pilot was at the controls when the 737 touched down at M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport in Hollister, Mo., about seven miles from the Branson airport that was its planned destination.

Skiing Via Airplane In Alaska

Being towed behind a Husky while skiing on a snowfield in the Alaska Range may not be on everyone's bucket list, but it was on Reese Hanneman's, and he has now posted a video of himself doing it. "I am so stoked!" he wrote on his Facebook page, after posting the video on Monday. A reporter at the Alaska Dispatch said the stunt is covered under FAR 91.311, which states that no pilot of a civil aircraft may tow anything except in accordance with the terms of a certificate waiver issued by the FAA.

Embraer Delivers 34 Jets in Q1

Embraer reports that during the first quarter of 2014 it delivered 14 jets to the commercial aviation market and 20 to the business aviation market, for a total of 34 aircraft, compared to 29 aircraft delivered in the same period of 2013.

Drone Operator Accused Of Hindering Helicopter Rescue

Police in Springfield, Ohio, said a drone operator who was shooting video of a car crash on Saturday refused to give way to an approaching medical helicopter, and arrested him on a felony charge of obstructing official business. Authorities said firefighters and a sheriff's deputy both asked Kele Stanley to stop flying the drone because the helicopter was coming and he refused, according to The Associated Press. Stanley denies the charges and said he would have landed immediately if he knew the helicopter was en route.

Chinese Market Growing Despite Rules

Greater China's business aviation fleet almost doubled to 371 aircraft from 2011 to 2013 but even that world-leading growth rate has been severely hampered by government and regulatory roadblocks, according to a leading Asian aviation company.

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