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02/10/16 02:14PM
Long Beach CA
02/10/16 01:42PM
2005 CESSNA 182T

02/10/16 12:56PM
2008 CESSNA T182T

02/10/16 10:59AM
1999 CESSNA 172 SP

02/10/16 10:48AM
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GA Pilots Face Risks For Science

A British pilot flying a helicopter to track poachers in Tanzania was killed recently when he was hit by gunfire from the ground and the helicopter crashed into trees. Roger Gower, 37, was flying in partnership with Tanzanian wildlife authorities on January 28, to track down and arrest active elephant poachers. "In the course of this action the poachers fired upon the helicopter and Roger was fatally wounded," according to Gower's employer, the Friedkin Conservation Fund.

GAMA Report: Aircraft Shipments Drop In 2015

General aviation manufacturing saw declines in the overall market worldwide as shipments for airplanes are reported down for 2015 over the previous year, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association reported Wednesday (PDF). Airplane shipments declined 4.6 percent, from 2,376 units in 2014 to 2,267 units in 2015.

The Weekender: Warming Up With Chili, Cake And Coffee

It feels like spring is a long way out for some, but The Weekender found some turf runways to head for on the SocialFlight calendar - snow is optional. Triple Tree Aviators will host their third annual Chilly Chili Fly-In and Lunch on Saturday to raise funds for their aerodrome in South Carolina.

NASA Seeks Support For X-Plane Programs

Space may get all the mainstream attention in the new NASA budget proposal released today, but staff from the Aeronautics Research Mission are excited about a boost in research funding for new technologies that will impact commercial aviation -- including projects that aim to cut fuel burn in half, dramatically reduce noise, restore commercial supersonic flight over land, and develop safer and more efficient air traffic management. "We are ready to take these new technologies into actual X-Plane flight demonstrations," said Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator for the ARM directorate, in a conference call with reporters on Monday.

Garmin Rolls Out All-in-One ADS-B Solutions

Apparently responding to buyer complaints about complex ADS-B Out solutions that require expensive WAAS upgrades, Garmin International has announced two all-in-one transponders that will allow owners who don't have WAAS GPS receivers to upgrade to ADS-B Out as simply as possible. One version of the new product combines both In and Out in a single box, with the option of onboard WAAS GPS, while a second is a less expensive Out only solution.

FAA, NTSB Cite Lithium Cargo Dangers

The FAA today issued a safety alert to airlines around the world, urging them to conduct a "safety risk assessment" regarding the transport of lithium batteries as cargo, in light of new evidence from the agency's recent lithium-battery-fire tests. The FAA also advised its inspectors to determine whether airlines have adequately assessed the risk of carrying the batteries as cargo. Also today, the NTSB issued two safety recommendations regarding shipments of the batteries aboard cargo aircraft. The rules should be changed to require that the batteries are physically separated from other flammable materials, the NTSB said.

Reauthorization Bill Scrutiny Begins

The controversial FAA reauthorization bill that includes privatizing the air traffic control system will begin its journey through what is expected to be a tough legislative process Wednesday with a hearing.

Advocates Speak Out On Veteran Flight Training, ATC Reform

A bill that would cap flight-training benefits for veterans at $20,235 should be scrapped, seven GA advocacy groups told Congress in a letter issued today. "This legislation would effectively put flying careers out of reach for many vets," said Jim Coon, AOPA spokesman for government affairs. "There are great jobs in aviation, and our nation's veterans have earned a right to pursue those opportunities." Also today, NATA told the House Transportation Committee about its views regarding proposed changes to air traffic control.

Short Final

We were flying into Birmingham, Alabama at about 2:00am on a Sunday morning. The sky was clear with great visibility. Birmingham has an ILS to runway 6, and the final approach fix is MCDEN. After checking in with Birmingham Approach, we were told to fly "direct to MCDEN for the McVisual approach." -- John Young

New Sustainable Aviation Symposium Set For May

A new two-day symposium to explore the future of electric-powered flight will be held May 6 and 7 in Redwood City, California, the Sustainable Aviation Foundation has announced. The program, which is being developed by SAF President Brien Seeley, will include a "global faculty of technology experts and visionaries," according to the SAF website. The list of presenters includes NASA chief scientist Dennis Bushnell, Tian Yu of Yuneec, Tine Tomazic of Pipistrel and many others.

Musk Moving On Electric Jet

Elon Musk says he's "close" to developing a "vertical takeoff and landing electric jet" as a practical alternative to conventional aircraft.

Suicide Bomber Likely Caused Daallo Explosion

A suicide bomber, possibly with explosives concealed in a laptop, is believed to have blown the hole in the side of a Daallo Airlines A321 last week.

Former Sikorsky President Killed In Crash

The former president of Sikorsky Aircraft was killed along with his passenger when his P-51D crashed near Maricopa, Arizona, on Friday. Jeffrey Pino, 61, was head of Sikorsky from 2006 to 2012.

Two Airplanes Collide Off Los Angeles; 3 Missing

Coast Guard boats and divers are searching the waters off Los Angeles this morning after two single-engine airplanes collided Friday afternoon.

FAA Seeks To Cut Airport Weather Observers

The FAA is looking at cutting its Contract Weather Observer staffing at 57 airports around the country, moving some duties to local ATC, according to an agency document and various media reports in recent weeks. Trained human weather observers contracted by the FAA supplement automated weather reports at towered airports, providing more discerning information including reports on weather-related hazards.

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