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WingX Pro7 For Android Announced

WingX Pro7, the popular EFB app for iPads and iPhones, will be available for Android in the coming weeks, Hilton Software LLC announced at the Sun 'n Fun show in Lakeland, Florida. The Android version will roll out with VFR Sectionals, IFR High and Low Enroute charts, routing, weather, TFRs, and Special Use Airspace overlays.

NTSB Opens Accident Docket For 2013 Alaska Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board opened the accident docket Friday for the Nov. 29, 2013 crash of a Cessna 208B near St. Mary's, Alaska. Of the 10 people on board, the pilot and three passengers were killed, and six passengers sustained serious injuries. The aircraft was operating under Hageland Aviation Services, Inc., doing business as ERA Alaska (now Ravn Connect), according to the NTSB's reports.

Redbird Students Complete "One Week Ready To Solo"

All three students taking part in Redbird Flight Simulations' One Week Ready To Solo campaign at Sun 'n Fun are slated to fly their supervised solo flights Saturday morning. Nik Osterman, Chris Graves and Sherry Rosenkranz, all zero-time beginners, started daily training just before the show.

CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium Set For May 1

This year's CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium is set for May 1 and 2 in Santa Rosa, California. The event will feature talks by experts from Pipistrel, Airbus, Bye Aerospace, NASA, Northrop Grumman, PC Aero, Joby Aviation, Stanford University and more. The speakers will focus on recent advances in technology that aim to make it possible to create quiet, emission-free aircraft.

X-47B Completes First UAS Aerial Refueling

The X-47B unmanned aircraft successfully demonstrated the first-ever fully autonomous aerial re-fueling on Wednesday, Northrop Grumman has announced. The X-47B launched from the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Maryland, and flew to a test site offshore. The UAS flew in close formation flight with an Omega K-707 tanker, and upon clearance from the tanker crew, it maneuvered into position behind the tanker and successfully engaged the refueling gear, called the drogue.

Levil Technology Introduces Improved ADS-B In

Although the portable ADS-B In market has cooled of late, at Sun 'n Fun, Levil Technology is introducing two versions of its ADS-B portables with improved performance and capability. The iLevil 2 SW is a portable intended for glareshield mount and the new version has a larger solar cell area for better battery life, and the improved version now had dual band, so it can can see both UAT and 1090ES traffic operating at any altitudes. The receiver also improved range.

Super Legend Gets Upgrades In Airframe, Avionics

American Legend's Cub-style Super Legend, introduced four years ago, has some upgraded features including more carbon fiber components. American Legend has completed certification of its Kevlar and carbon fiber LF1500A floats for the Super Legend, filling customer demand. The floats come with a manual gear system and watertight storage.

Drone Demos At Sun 'n Fun

It was probably inevitable that drone demos would be a part of a major show and this year they're appearing at Sun 'n Fun in the exhibit area for the first time. In a booth sponsored by Yuneec and Drone23, you can see small quadcopters demonstrated inside a large net cage that's big enough to show how the aircraft perform.

Aspen's AOA Software To Sell For $1,995

Aspen Avionics' software-based angle of attack indicator will go on the market in July for $1,995, the company announced Thursday. Introduced earlier this month, the AoA indicator is a software upgrade that will display real-time data on the Evolution's primary flight and multi-function displays.

Textron Aviation Launches Top Hawk Program For Universities

Textron Aviation will provide Cessna Skyhawk 172s to four universities this year and offer internships with a new program, Top Hawk. The initial partners announced include Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Kansas State University, Liberty University and the University of North Dakota. Under the program, Cessna will provide a Skyhawk for the remainder of 2015 for the universities' flight training, recruiting and promotional activities.

Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Launches Pilot's Choice Awards

Lightspeed Aviation Foundation launched its sixth annual Pilot's Choice Awards Thursday, with 12 charitable organizations named from hundreds of nominees as the finalists. They'll seek online votes from the public to win up to $10,000 in grants from the foundation.

Flight Design C4 To Be Assembled In U.S. (CORRECTED)

Flight Design's certified four-place aircraft, the C4, will be assembled in the U.S. In an interview after a news conference at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, Flight Design's Tom Peghiny said it makes economic sense to build the aircraft in the U.S. "More than 60 percent of the economic value in the plane comes from the U.S.," said Peghiny, whose company is the U.S. dealer for the planemaker's line of light sport aircraft.

Recycled Chute Proves Dangerous

A ballistic parachute from an ultralight that had been collected as part of a spring clean-up exploded as a public-works employee was sorting materials, causing injuries to his hand, a Pennsylvania newspaper reported this week. The 25-year-old worker, in New Garden Township, suffered a "serious but non-life-threatening injury to his left hand" on Monday, according to the Daily Local. Officials said they would review surveillance tapes to try to determine who dropped off the device.

NTSB Releases Preflight-Check Video

Pilots should be extra-vigilant when doing preflight inspections prior to a first flight after maintenance work, the NTSB says, and this week the board released a 14-minute video on the topic. The video also addresses the crucial role of mechanics in ensuring that an aircraft's flight-control system is rigged correctly after maintenance is done.

Fly-For-Hire Ops Eyed For Light Sport

The FAA is investigating the possibility of allowing some fly-for-hire operations using light sport and ultralight aircraft. In a podcast interview at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, on Wednesday, Dan Johnson, president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, said an FAA representative approached his organization and the U.S. Ultralight Aircraft Association to explore the idea of using little airplanes for commercial uses where appropriate.

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