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1998 MAULE MXT-7-180A

08/14/14 04:10PM
2000 CESSNA 182S Skylane

08/14/14 04:02PM
2011 CESSNA 162 Skycatcher

08/14/14 02:17PM
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GA Advocates Seek Expedited Review On Medical Changes

Seven general aviation advocacy groups said this week they have sent a letter (PDF) to officials in the Transportation Department asking them to expedite a review of the FAA's proposed rulemaking that would change the requirements for a third-class medical. The groups asked Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to complete the review within 30 days and open the NPRM to public comment.

Eclipse Lays Off Workers

Eclipse Aerospace laid off "several" workers from its plant in Albuquerque last week, local news organizations have reported. "I've had much better days," Eclipse Aerospace Senior Vice President Ed Lundeen told Albuquerque Business First on Friday. "The bottom line is that the market has not recovered yet. We're not seeing the sales we planned for."

Mideast Conflict Affects Civil Aviation

The FAA issued a Notam on Monday restricting U.S. flight operators from flying in the airspace above Syria. Previously, operators had been warned to contact the FAA before flying there. "The ongoing armed conflict and volatile security environment in Syria poses a serious potential threat to civil aviation," the FAA said.

New Takes On Business Travel

A couple of new companies are trying fresh approaches to pull high-value business travellers out of the backpack and tennis shoe mainstream of modern air travel. La Compagnie is the latest to begin an "all business class" service to Europe.

CitationAir Closing Oct. 31

Textron Aviation is closing former Cessna fractional operator CitationAir and selling the remaining airplanes. CitationAir was started in 2000 as CitationShares, a division of Cessna. Cessna stopped selling shares in new aircraft and jet cards two years ago and it's ceasing flight operations Oct. 31.

Short Final

During the early '70s, Pappy Wilkes, a former Piedmont Airlines DC-3 captain, was flying a pressurized Queen Air 88 along the east coast of Florida. He had been cleared to climb to 15,000. Being hot and heavy, the 88 was very slow climbing. ... An impatient ATC controller asked Pappy when he expected to reach his assigned altitude. ... Pappy, in his best Southern drawl, responded: "What time do you get off?" ... The controller said: "1600." ... And Pappy replied: "I might make it by then." ... Anyone who remembers Pappy will confirm that this episode was completely in character for him. -- Jim Hamilton

CAIGA To Produce Biggest Amphibious Airplane

The China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. has started to build the TA600, which will be the largest amphibious aircraft in production, the company has announced. The TA600, aimed at the firefighting and rescue markets, will fly for the first time sometime in 2015, said Fu Junxu, a CAIGA executive.

Drones At Rocky Mountain Air Show

The Rocky Mountain Air Show will host what it's calling "the first FAA-sanctioned drone demonstrations" at this type of event Aug. 22-23 at Greeley-Weld County Airport in Greeley, Colorado. The display will be coordinated by the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the FAA and will feature flight demonstrations and plenty of information on the integration of unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace system.

Brits Sweep Ascot Red Bull

The hometown favorites battled back from dismal qualifying rounds to give the capacity crowd what they came for during the Red Bull Air Races' stop at the fabled Ascot Racecourse in England on Sunday. British pilots Paul Bonhomme and Nigel Lamb finished in first and second place respectively in the final in front of 29,000 cheering fans.

Pilot, Paramedic Killed In Air Ambulance Crash

The owner of a small air charter company and a paramedic were killed when the Piper Navajo the owner was flying crashed near the airport on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy off New Brunswick Saturday. A nurse and another pilot were injured and are in stable condition in the hospital.

FAA Bans GA Ride Sharing Companies

In a legal interpretation released Aug. 13, the FAA's Chief Counsel for Regulations has prohibited "peer-to-peer general aviation flight sharing" Internet-based operations that allow private pilots to offer available space on flights they intend to take.

Pilot Loses Grip During Flare

It was an incident, not an accident, and it has wrongly been reported as a pilot's prosthetic arm falling off.

Another Beach Forced Landing

For the second time in less than three weeks, a small plane made a forced landing on a Sarasota County, Florida beach.

New This Week

AVweb's weekly review of what's going on in aviation turned up news that Power Flow had broken its own record for sales of Tuned Exhaust Systems at AirVenture, Oxygen to Go, LLC and its founder Dr. Brent Blue were recognized by Delta Air Lines for significant contributions to persons with disabilities, the NTSB has proposed changes to its investigative procedures, and Bell Helicopter is about to deliver its 200th Model 429.

Venice, Florida Beach Pilot Worried About Landing in Deep Water

In its NTSB preliminary report, investigators say the pilot tried to avoid beachgoers but was worried about flipping over in deep water offshore.

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