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1981 CESSNA T210N

06/24/15 03:19PM
2008 CESSNA 182T Skylane

06/24/15 11:27AM
2006 CESSNA 172SP Skyhawk

06/24/15 11:04AM
2005 CESSNA 182T Skylane

06/24/15 10:50AM
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Injuries Light In Beach Landings

A 12-year-old boy suffered a gashed head but there were no other injuries when a banner-towing aircraft made a forced landing on a crowded California beach on a sunny July 4th. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told media outlets the Super Cub lost power and the pilot headed for the beach.

Drone Racing Gains Popularity

Well, as the BBC reporter in the posh British accent says in the accompanying video, it was only a matter of time. The first U.S. Aerial Gran Prix was held in L.A. a couple of months ago and now the loosely organized "sport" of drone racing (UAS racing just doesn't have the ring) is exploding.

Arch Wins Budapest Red Bull Race

Austria's Hannes Arch won the fourth stop on the Red Bull Air Race tour in hot conditions on the course over the Danube River in downtown Budapest.

Record-Breaking Solar Impulse Lands In Hawaii

After nearly five days aloft "without a drop of fuel," Solar Impulse 2 pilot Andre Borschberg touched down in the early-morning light at Kalaleoa Airport in Hawaii. He has just flown over the Pacific from Japan, completing leg 8 of the solar-powered airplane's global voyage. In the meantime, Borschberg took the title for the longest nonstop solo flight, breaking Steve Fossett's 2005 record in the jet-powered GlobalFlyer.

Rocket Lab Building Launch Site In New Zealand

A remote spit of land on New Zealand's South Island will soon become a space launch site for Rocket Lab, which plans to offer low-cost launches for satellites using a smaller, specially designed rocket. The site is slated for completion by the end of the year and target markets will include universities and small startup companies, Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck told Bloomberg.

Engine Failure Likely In C-130 Crash In Indonesia

An Indonesian air force C-130 transport plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood in Medan, Indonesia, during departure on Tuesday had one failed propeller as the pilot attempted to return to the airport, authorities said in a CNN report Thursday. There were 122 people on board, including military personnel and their families, with no survivors confirmed.

New This Week

AVweb's search of aviation news around the world found new business alliances announced by Paradigm Precision, Pratt & Whitney, Plane Perfect and Maule Air; and recognition for two women in aviation – one from Whirly-Girls International and another from EAA.

LightSquared Wants FCC To Mandate GPS Interference Talks

LightSquared, the company that three years ago was proposing a nationwide cellphone network whose signals were shown to disrupt GPS signals, is back. In a multibillion-dollar gambit that could reduce the cost of cell service, potentially at the expense of GPS, it's also asking the FCC to force GPS companies to help solve the technical issues that killed its plans a few years ago.

Investigators: ATR Pilot Shut Down Wrong Engine

The captain of the TransAsia Airways turboprop that crashed in Taipei in February had shut down the working engine when the other failed after departure, Reuters reported Thursday. The pilot, Liao Jian-zong, then caught the error, but it was too late, Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council said in Reuters' report. The cockpit voice recorder indicated Liao said, "wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle," but in the ensuing confusion the ATR crashed into a river, killing 43 of the 58 people on board.

FAA To Cut Airport Advisories, WACs

The FAA plans to eliminate two of the less frequently used resources provided to pilots in the coming months – Airport Advisories and World Aeronautical Charts. In two separate moves, the agency cited declining usage of both due to the digital information available to pilots. There's a public comment period on Airport Advisories, but the FAA issued a notice in the Federal Register a week ago it will discontinue WACs without a comment period.

The Weekender: Happy Fourth, Happy Flying

The Weekender's Fourth of July will be packed with stuff to fly to and enjoy, as seen on the SocialFlight calendar. For Independence Day fun with grassroots flying, there's the Ogle County Airport's summer Best in the Midwest breakfast in Illinois.

Refurbished Eclipse Jets Get An Upgrade

Eclipse has retired its Total Eclipse series of aircraft, and instead will offer a new factory-refurbished twinjet called the Eclipse Special Edition, the company said this week. The SE, based on the original Eclipse 500, will include nearly all the features of the factory-new 550 jet, including a dual Avio integrated flight management system, anti-skid brakes, a new standby display unit, PPG glass windshields, an upgraded interior, and a two-tone paint scheme.

FAA Proposes Fine In Fatal Cargo Crash

The FAA says the operator of a Boeing 747 cargo aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan in April 2013, killing all seven on board, failed to comply with FARs when loading heavy military vehicles onto the plane. National Air Cargo Group, based in Orlando, Florida, didn't follow the 747 flight manual, resulting in cargo that was not properly restrained to prevent shifting during flight operations, the FAA said.

Aircraft Spruce Co-Founder Bob Irwin Dies

Aircraft Spruce co-founder Bob Irwin died June 26 at his home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Irwin and his wife Flo started Fullerton Air Parts in 1955, Aircraft Spruce in 1965 and ACS Products Co. in 1983, building the business into the largest supplier of aviation supplies in the U.S.

Child Starts Up Helo At Airshow Display

A six-year-old boy climbed into the cockpit of a Eurocopter EC145 on display at an airshow in Mankato, Minnesota, on Saturday, and started up the rotors, "causing a panic and two minor injuries," according to a local ABC Radio news report. The medevac helicopter, which is owned by the Mayo Clinic, was unattended when the boy entered the cockpit and started to flip switches and push buttons. The helicopter team members, who were nearby, quickly reached the aircraft and shut it down.

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