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1976 CESSNA 421C
Sarasota FL
08/03/15 09:37AM
Sarasota FL
08/03/15 09:33AM
2005 CESSNA 182T Skylane

07/31/15 04:32PM
2008 CESSNA 182T Skylane

07/31/15 04:30PM
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Beacon To Launch Northeast Service In September

Beacon, a new venture launched by the team behind Surf Air, plans to start offering a subscription-based private airplane service in the Northeast starting September 15, the company has announced. Beacon will offer unlimited access to its fleet for prices starting at $2,000 per month, with flights between Boston and New York, as well as seasonal trips to Nantucket and the Hamptons. Reservations, changes, and cancellations can be made as little as 20 minutes before departure, the company says.

Airbus Patents Mach-4 Bizjet Concept

Airbus has been granted a U.S. patent for an airplane that could fly commercial passengers at speeds up to Mach 4.5, according to various news reports this week. The plans show the hydrogen-fueled airplane would take off vertically, propelled by turbo jets, then a rocket engine and wing-mounted ramjets would propel the aircraft as high as 100,000 feet. The aircraft then would transition to level flight. That flight profile would minimize the sonic boom impact on the surface, according to Airbus.

Notam System Now Includes Drones

Operators of unmanned aerial systems now can submit their flight plans online, and those operations will be displayed graphically to general-aviation pilots when they file their flight plans, Lockheed Martin said on Monday. "Our objective is an open, standards-based system that individual operators and other private UTM [UAS traffic management] systems can use to interact seamlessly and securely with the NAS," said Paul Engola, vice president of transportation for Lockheed Martin.

Textron To Develop New Single-Engine Turboprop

Textron Aviation has "been listening to the market" and sees an opportunity to introduce a new single-engine turboprop, the company confirmed in an email to AVweb on Monday. "This is an entirely new, clean-sheet design aircraft -- not a derivative or variant of any existing product," the company said. The company is not yet releasing details about the project, but said their intent is to "outperform the competition" in parameters including cabin size, acquisition cost, and performance capability.

Russian Aerobatic Helicopter Crashes

One pilot died and another escaped with serious injuries when a Russian military helicopter crashed during an airshow in Russia on Sunday. The Mi-28N was taking part in a demonstration by the Berkuty (Golden Eagles) aerobatic team, which does formation aerobatics in the attack helicopters.

Flaperon Confirmed As 777 Part

The flaperon found on a beach on French-owned Reunion Island last week has been confirmed as a piece of a Boeing 777 of the same model operated as MH370. Malaysian authorities confirmed Sunday that the control surface was positively identified as being from a 777 and the next step is to match the part's serial number to the aircraft that went missing last March on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Bin Laden Relatives Die In Phenom Crash

Three members of Osama bin Laden's family, including his half-sister, were killed along with their Jordanian pilot when their Embraer Phenom 300 crashed in a runway overrun accident in England. The Phenom was on a flight from Milan to Blackbushe Airport in southern England when it ended up in a car auction yard and caught fire.

Facebook Builds UAS That Beams Down Wi-Fi

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday his social networking company just finished building an unmanned aerial system that can "beam down Internet connectivity from the sky." It's called Aquila, and demonstrates not only solar-powered flight, but a new way to connect to the Internet. The project is part of Internet.org, whose mission is to get the Web to those who don't have access to it.

GAMA Reports Drop In Aircraft Sales For 2015

General aviation airplane shipments fell 9.1 percent in the first half of this year compared to last year, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association reported Friday. GA rotorcraft shipments also dropped this year so far, with 447 delivered, down from 502 in the first half of 2014. Piston airplane deliveries rose between the first quarter and the second quarter, which saw 271 shipments, but overall fell 11.8 percent in the first half of 2015, from 526 aircraft last year to 464 this year.

Two More Vie For "Oldest Pilot" Title

When George Neal, 96, flew his de Havilland Chipmunk in Canada to qualify as the "world's oldest active pilot" in the Guinness Book of World Records, it wasn't surprising to hear about pilots who are older yet. Among them, at least elsewhere in North America, are two fellow nonagenarians who will celebrate their birthdays in the coming weeks.

NASA, Industry Discuss Future Of UAS Airspace

An airspace system for unmanned aerial vehicles – perhaps with flight plans and air traffic control – is the topic at a symposium this week hosted by NASA. The agency and the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International met with interested businesses at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

New This Week

AVweb's search of aviation news around the world found a new fire-containment product for air crews, a UAV safety campaign from the agricultural aviation industry, a new executive announced by Skanska USA, and a university scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year.

The Weekender: Take A Tour Of The Tall Tower

The Weekender hopes you've recovered from Oshkosh, because there's no rest for the weary on the SocialFlight calendar. For starters, the July's Skys airshow invites all to come early and stay late Saturday in Preston, Idaho. Watch aerobatic performers do their stuff and enjoy a glimpse of history as four World War II aircraft take part in the show.

Hyperdrive, Or Just Hype?

A rocket-drive theory that was discussed at a scientific meeting this week has the Internet buzzing, but critics say the research is flawed and violates well-established laws of physics. The electromagnetic-drive research was presented by Martin Tajmar, a professor for Space Systems at the Dresden University of Technology in Germany, at a meeting of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, in Orlando. The EM drive, powered by solar energy, would not expel any propellent, but would be driven by bouncing microwaves within a closed container. Theoretically, the drive could make it possible to travel to the Moon in four hours and to Mars within 70 days.

Spike Updates Its SST Concept

Spike Aerospace has been working since 2011 to develop a supersonic jet for the business market, and recently they released an updated version of their design concept. The design now features a modified delta wing, and eliminates the tail surface. The two engines, which previously were depicted side-by-side atop the tail section, now are placed on either side of the tail. Cruise speeds will average Mach 1.6 to 1.8, the company says.

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