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Daytona Beach Florida
12/18/14 08:10AM
1985 CESSNA 182 R
Sarasota Florida
12/16/14 08:46AM
1977 CESSNA 152
Sarasota Florida
12/16/14 08:03AM
1965 M20C Ranger
Sarasota Florida
12/11/14 08:48AM
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Dassault Unveils Falcon 8X

Dassault Aviation on Wednesday unveiled the Falcon 8X, touting the new model as its "ultra long range" flagship business jet. The 8X, announced in May, builds on the popular 7X long-range trijet and will offer a range of 6,450 nm and a cabin 3.5 feet longer than the 7X. It also has a more efficient wing and upgraded Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, competing with Gulfstream's new long-range G650ER, also introduced earlier this year.

Researchers Find Expert Pilots See Differently

An experienced pilot will make a better decision about whether to attempt a marginal landing while showing only about half as much brain activity as less experienced pilots, according to a recent study completed by scientists at Stanford University. The research used a flight simulator set up like the cockpit of a single-engine airplane.

Bonus Depreciation Approved by Congress

Following House approval earlier this month, the Senate on Tuesday passed a tax package that includes the revival of bonus depreciation on capital investments, including aircraft. The measure allows businesses to write off up to 50 percent of the value of equipment purchased in and put into service in 2014.

The Weekender: Christmas Lunches and Year-End Pancakes

This weekend's annual holiday airport parties get perfect timing just a few days before Christmas, as seen on SocialFlight's calendar. This month's Wings and Wheels fly-in on Saturday at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston will honor museum volunteers and planespotters.

Bob Hoover Accepts Wright Trophy

The 2014 Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy was awarded to airshow legend Robert L. Hoover during a ceremonial dinner in Washington, D.C., last Friday. The annual award is given to a living American by the National Aeronautical Association to honor significant public service of enduring value to aviation. "There are very few people in the world that capture the history, progress, importance, and sheer excitement of aviation and aerospace like Bob Hoover," said Jim Albaugh, NAA chairman.

California Avgas Lawsuit Settled

The Center for Environmental Health, which filed a lawsuit in 2011 seeking to prohibit the sale of leaded gasoline in California, has reached a settlement, NATA said on Tuesday. Under the agreement signed last week, FBOs at 23 airports will provide warnings of lead exposure to individuals residing within one kilometer of the airport, will post warning signs at the airports, and will pay about $550,000 in penalties and legal costs.

Drone Expo Draws Protesters

A speaker at a commercial drone conference in Los Angeles on Saturday was shouted down by a protest group blaming him for up to 3,000 deaths caused by Predator drones in Pakistan, the Contra Costa Times has reported. Another group protested police use of drones for surveillance. "Nobody here is even remotely interested in using [drones] as weapons," said Austin Blue, who was targeted by some of the protesters because his family owns General Atomics, which produces the Predator drone.

Oldest Flying Jet Returns To U.S.

An F-86A Sabre built in 1948 is the world's oldest flying jet, and recently arrived back in the United States after several decades in Europe, EAA reported this week. The airplane, which EAA hopes will fly next summer at AirVenture, is the only surviving "A" model. Its service history includes Strategic Air Command, Air Defense Command, and the California Air National Guard. It flew in defense of the Los Alamos nuclear research facility with the 94th Fighter Squadron of the 1st Fighter Group.

AirShares Elite Folds

Fractional service AirShares Elite closed Dec. 1 and is now selling off its large fleet of Cirrus aircraft. AirShares pioneered the fractional model for high-performance GA aircraft and was in operation for almost 15 years before it quit the business with no explanation.

FAA: Cockpit Photos Are OK -- Maybe

A widely cited story posted on the blog Quartz on Friday raises the question whether airline pilots who post aerial photos online are violating FAA rules against using "personal wireless devices" in the cockpit, but the FAA told AVweb picture-taking is OK with them -- as long as pilots use the proper equipment. "A pilot at the controls is permitted to take a picture with a non-wireless camera and not be in violation of this regulation," the FAA wrote in an email. "However, a pilot at the controls is not permitted to take a picture with a cell phone."

Short Final

It was the wee hours of the morning, and the center's frequency had been dead silent for quite a while. Finally, a pilot just had to check. ... Pilot: "Uh, Albuquerque -- anybody home?" ... Controller: "Nope. We're all at work." -- Art Friedman

End Of The Line For The A380?

The world's biggest airliner may have one of industry's shortest production runs. Airbus has announced it could end production of the A380 in 2018 after going through the whole past year without a new airline order. The aircraft went into service in 2007.

Barefoot Bandit Documentary Out

Although it's not the Hollywood blockbuster many predicted would result, a new film has been made that tries to shed light on the life of Colton Harris-Moore, the so-called Barefoot Bandit whose high-flying crime spree came to an end in a hail of bullets off the coast of the Bahamas in 2010.

Oklahoma Temporary Tower Rule Ready

Oklahoma is expected to adopt emergency rules that will require wind farm prospectors to make the temporary towers they use to measure wind energy potential more visible to pilots. The so-called METs (meteorological evaluation towers) are usually a few inches shy of 200 feet tall, the height at which the FAA starts regulating tower marking.

Russian Spy Planes A Hazard

Sweden says Russian spy planes are getting in the way of commercial flights and the Swedes would like it to stop. "This is serious. This is inappropriate. This is outright dangerous when you turn off the transponder," Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said on Swedish radio.

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