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2016 CESSNA 182T Skylane

01/28/20 02:57PM
01/27/20 10:35AM
2010 BELL 407

12/19/19 10:53AM
2010 EMBRAER Phenom 300

12/17/19 05:45PM
1973 CESSNA 421B

12/17/19 05:25PM


Take off from Courchevel airport - I was lucky to see a TBM900 (?) taking off while skiing on the slopes next to the airport...More

When you want to be a stealth fighter but your just a small commercial aircraft - ATR 72...More

You guys like our Dreamliner and new livery? We just got our fourth one last week with first revenue flight next week...More

Did I lay down on the runway to get this shot of the NA-50, or trigger the camera remotely? (hint: I don’t use remote triggers)...More

Tail cam of A380 crosswind landing into Heathrow...More

Boeing 747-400 Main Wheel Coffee Table. 26" Diameter and approximately 190 lbs. Assembled entirely from rejected parts....More

Somewhere above the clouds ✈️✈️...More

The sky was on fire this evening...More

This bad boy flew into work today. Old antanov with the original gunner seats still in place!...More

Taipei, Taiwan...More

My Embraer this morning from Munich to Bari! First Embraer!...More

I had a visit to the USS Alabama!...More

Cascade Mountains today....More

Space Ship...More

XPB2M-1 Mars Prototype JEC 10075...More

Qantas A380 gear down for landing at DFW....More

Big beauty enjoying the afternoon sun in Dubai...More

Flying by the former Istanbul Airport (Ataturk)...More

Imperial Airway commercial flight, 1924...More

That’s A New One...More

What is this (RTAF)?...More

How could anyone get bored of showing upto work woth views like this?? [Dash 8 Q300]...More

50 Years Ago Today (February 19, 1970): The Canadair Cl-84 “Dynavert” make its first flight. The aircraft was an attempt at mastering a plane/helicopter hybrid, but only a few were ever manufactured....More

Exceptionally clear footage of the shock produced as an ærial vehicle goes supersonic....More

Interesting concept...More

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