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08/28/14 10:38AM
2004 CESSNA 182T Skylane

08/27/14 12:18PM
2004 CESSNA 182T Skylane

08/27/14 12:06PM
2008 CESSNA 182T Skylane

08/27/14 12:03PM
AVweb flash -

UAS Exemption Requests: 30 And Counting

he FAA says it hasn't yet dealt with more than 30 requests from companies and groups that want to fly small unmanned aerial systems for commercial purposes in the U.S. The companies, like Wilbur-Ellis Co., a California-based agribusiness corporation, have been filing Petitions for Exemption from a host of regulations that add up to the FAA's current prohibition on commercial drone use.

Fleet Sale For Continental Diesels

Continental Motors has announced a major fleet sale of its CD-135 diesel engine to a Spanish flight school. Aerodynamics Malaga S.L. will retrofit 16 Cessna 172s with the diesel and the first four are headed for the shop immediately.

Armchair Flying -- Denali By Sonex

Since it's a holiday here in the U.S., here's a video with no news in it at all, but just some beauty shots of flying above the mountains of Alaska, mostly above Denali National Park and the Yukon, in a Sonex.

Five Killed In Colorado Crash

All five people on board a Piper PA-46 Malibu died when it crashed on Sunday, shortly before noon, near the Erie Municipal Airport in Colorado, about 25 miles northwest of Denver. Peter Knudson, spokesman for the NTSB, said the airplane had taken off from Centennial Airport, south of Denver, and was attempting to land when it crashed in a field to one side of the runway.

Short Final

Last Friday, we departed Detroit City VFR northbound in my SR22 for some sightseeing and requested traffic advisories from Selfridge Approach. Shortly thereafter, we heard this exchange: ... Selfridge Approach: "Cessna XXX, traffic at one o'clock and two miles. A whacko." ... Then a brief pause. ... Selfridge: "Correction: That's a 'Waco.'" ... Cessna XXX: "Maybe he's both!" -- Brian Litch

Team Aims To Fly 300 MPH On Batteries

Electroflight, a team of British glider builders, recently announced it has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to build a single-seat airplane that will set a new speed record for electric aircraft of 300 mph. Team Electroflight has built a mock-up of its design, and said it will be powered by a "unique contra-rotating electric propulsion system."

Japan Studies Indigenous Fighter Program

Japan is studying whether to go it alone on building its next generation of fighter aircraft. Japan's ministry of defense has been working on the Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD-X) for four years and it's scheduled to fly in January. Nikkei Asian Review says the ministry is asking the government for $384 million to fund a test program designed to see if the ATD-X can form the basis for an indigenous fighter program.

Commemorative Air Force Fights Hangar Rule

The Commemorative Air Force is asking the FAA to extend the Sept. 5 comment deadline on a proposed policy on "aeronautical uses" permitted in hangars on federally funded airports. The CAF says its various museums and shops are all in violation of the new rules and is asking the FAA to extend the comment period so the agency can "delve deeper into the unintended consequences" of the existing document.

Unconscious Pilot: SR22 Crashes Off Virginia

Fighter aircraft followed a Cirrus SR22 with an unconscious pilot aboard until it ran out of fuel and crashed in the Atlantic off Virginia on Saturday. The fighters were dispatched after the aircraft, on a flight plan to Manassas from Waukesha, Wisconsin, flew past its destination through restricted airspace around Washington, D.C., which attracted NORAD's attention.

Scale Hoverbike Has Robot Rider

Developed by a small operation out of the U.K. called Malloy Aeronautics, the Drone 3 hoverbike is exactly that--a flying motorcycle powered by four fans.

Another Seat Recline Squabble Diverts Flight

An outburst over a reclined seat led an American Airlines flight to divert to Boston, at least the second such incident in the U.S. this week, authorities said.

New This Week

AVweb's weekly review of developments in aviation revealed news that Cessna delivered its 10,000th single-engine airplane from its Independence, Kansas, facility, Bell Helicopter broke ground on a new manufacturing facility, Cutter Aviation received a safety award, and the FAA authorized transition training in Bearhawk amateur-built aircraft.

SAM Aircraft On The Sale Block

Just a year and a half after first flight of the prototype SAM aircraft, President Thierry Zibi has put the company up for sale.

The Weekender: Camping, Corn, And Warbirds

With a long weekend ahead, it's a great time to plan a flying excursion, and SocialFlight has plenty of options.

U.S. Airline Aircraft Sales Boom

Orders for long-lasting U.S. manufactured goods posted their biggest gain on record in July on strong overseas demand for aircraft, and the underlying trend also remained firm, pointing to brisk economic growth.

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