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2008 CESSNA 400SL

02/27/15 12:03PM
1981 DASSAULT Falcon 50

02/26/15 03:19PM
Houston Texas
02/26/15 02:27PM
1986 BEECHJET 400
Dallas Texas
02/26/15 10:12AM
Sarasota Florida
02/25/15 12:47PM
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Bombardier's CS300 Airliner Completes First Test Flight

Bombardier's new CS300 airliner completed its first test flight Friday, a success that the company hopes is part of a larger recovery from its struggles to develop its CSeries line of passenger jets. The jet departed Montreal's Miracle International Airport Friday morning and reached an altitude of 41,000 feet and a speed of 255 knots during the five-hour test flight.

Garmin Unveils ADS-B Out For Helicopters

Garmin will soon have helicopter versions of its ADS-B boxes available for installation, unveiling on Thursday the GDL 84H and GDL 88H. The equipment meets the 2020 ADS-B Out mandate while receiving ADS-B In traffic and weather on a mobile device. Garmin expects to receive STC approvals for several helicopter models in the second quarter of this year. The GDL 84H will sell for $5,995, while the GDL 88H price will be $4,795.

Medical Reform Tops List Again In Pilot's Bill Of Rights 2

The Pilot's Bill of Rights 2, which would broaden third-class medical exemptions and expand legal rights, began its journey through the legislative assembly line this week as GA Caucus members in the U.S. Senate and House introduced companion bills. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., introduced S. 571 as an expansion of his legislation that was signed into law in 2012. Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., co-chair of the House GA Caucus, introduced the companion bill H.R. 1062.

First 3D-Printed Jet Engine Made In Australia

The world's first 3D-printed jet engine -- a breakthrough for aerospace manufacturing and beyond -- took the spotlight Thursday at the Avalon Airshow in Australia. Monash University in Melbourne and Amaero Engineering partnered to develop the engine to show how the technology can make a complex machine in a fraction of the time taken in traditional manufacturing. They garnered global attention from aerospace manufacturers, defense contractors and military entities visiting the expo, which is taking place through Sunday in Geelong.

Piper Mirage Crash Probe Raises Misfuel Questions

Investigators are focusing on whether the wrong type of fuel led to a Piper Malibu Mirage crash Sunday in Spokane, Washington, killing the pilot. The airplane had engine trouble shortly after departing Felts Field and crashed on a street in East Spokane. KREM2 reported that the state Department of Ecology and an FAA inspector raised the possibility that the fuel spilled at the crash site was Jet-A.

New This Week

AVweb's search of aviation news worldwide found some developments in the UAS industry, a new Robinson helicopter sim, and an STC in the making for helicopter lithium-ion batteries. SkyWard and Robotic Skies announced a partnership that teams the aviation expertise of each company to provide safety, compliance, and maintenance solutions to the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) community.

FAA Completes Alaska Weather Camera Network

The FAA's Alaska Weather Camera Program is now fully deployed, the FAA said recently, with 221 cameras at remote sites to help pilots determine when and where it's safe to fly. The system improves safety and efficiency by providing pilots with near-real-time, visual weather information, says the FAA. The system includes an interactive online map that makes it easy to access images and other weather data.

Remote Control Tower To Be Tested In Virginia

This summer, a remote control tower developed by Saab will be tested at Leesburg Executive Airport, in Virginia. The technology makes it possible for controllers to operate as they would in a control tower, but from an off-airport location. A prototype system has been operational in Sweden since last fall, where controllers in Sundsvall work the takeoffs and landings at Ornskoldsvik Airport, 60 miles away.

Continental Motors Receives FAA Certification For 91UL Engine

Continental Motors Group has received FAA type certification for its IO-360-AF engine and will deliver the first of the alternative-fuel powerplants to Flight Design in Germany. The maker of the CT light-sport models chose the Continental engine for its C4 certified airplane project in 2011.

Santa Monica Airport Commission Approves City Plan To Take Over KSMO

The Santa Monica Airport Commission showed its support for the city's strategy to eventually shut down aviation operations at the airport, recommending this week that the city council move ahead with taking over chunks of the 227-acre field and imposing new rules for hangar owners and other users.

The Weekender: Never Out Of Coffee

SocialFlight's calendar will have the Weekender looking for some old-fashioned hangar flying, airplane rides and airport-hopping. On Saturday, the North Vernon Municipal Airport and EAA Chapter 1328 in Indiana will serve free coffee and donuts while supplies last, welcoming all to fly or drive in.

NTSB, AOPA Disagree With FAA Cylinder AD

The FAA last month proposed a revision to its Airworthiness Directive regarding ECi cylinders, but the NTSB and AOPA have objected to several of the proposal's key components. In comments posted to the docket, the safety board says the proposal affects "many more cylinder assemblies" than it should, and also removes repetitive inspection requirements that the NTSB had requested in its initial recommendations.

Pilots Blamed For Bahamas Learjet Crash

"Poor decision-making by the crew" was the probable cause of a fatal Learjet accident last November at Grand Bahama International Airport, according to the Bahamas' aircraft accident investigation unit. Both crew members and seven passengers died after the jet struck a crane at about 220 feet ASL, about 3.2 nm from the runway threshold. The crew had executed a go-around procedure due to poor visibility and rain at decision height, and was attempting a second try when the accident occurred.

Jetpack IPO Raises $27 Million

Martin Jetpack, the New Zealand-based company that aims to bring a commercial jetpack to the market, raised $27 million Tuesday in its initial public offering, bringing the total value of the company to about $100 million, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. First deliveries of the devices, aimed at the first-responder market, are scheduled for late 2016, at a retail price of about $200,000.

New Zealand Clears R44s For Flight

Robinson R-44 helicopters have been cleared to fly again in New Zealand after investigators there concluded that a rotor blade broke because of a crash and its failure didn't cause the crash. Last Saturday, New Zealand grounded R-44s with Dash 7 rotor blades after preliminary inspection of the wreckage from a crash near Queenstown last Thursday revealed a blade broken at the same point as one that developed a fatigue crack in another aircraft a month earlier.

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