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2008 CESSNA 350

09/02/15 12:07PM
2008 GlaStar

09/01/15 05:14PM
1962 310G

09/01/15 05:08PM
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Unconfirmed Drone-Airplane Collision Reported

The FAA has reported that an "unknown object" struck a Piper Apache while in flight near Romeoville, Illinois, but according to the drone website suasnews.com, that object was likely a small drone. Citing an "unconfirmed report," suasnews states that a Piper PA-23 twin impacted the drone at about 2,500 feet near Lewis University Airport (KLOT) in Illinois on August 27. Photos of damage on the aircraft appear to show a series of vertical indentations and a slice into the rubber de-ice boot along the leading edge of the tail surface. The airplane landed safely and nobody was hurt.

RAM Dings Continental on Parts Prices

In one of the more unusual press releases we've seen, RAM Aircraft LP, a Waco, Texas engine and mod shop, says Continental Motors' recent acquisition of ECi "will cost everyone in general aviation." RAM implies that the loss of competition will drive prices higher on certain engine components that both Continental and ECi, as an independent company, manufactured. "Doesn't general aviation expect that Continental's higher prices will continue to grow?" RAM said in its press release.

The Weekender: Local Flavor For Labor Day

With three days to spend for Labor Day, The Weekender scouted out some first-time fly-ins on SocialFlight, plus some big airshows. FlightLevel of Cape May County Airport in New Jersey will hold its first fly-in, which includes AIRFEST at the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum featuring WWII re-enactors and live music.

Two Injured In Army Blackhawk Accident

Two Army soldiers were injured Wednesday in central Colorado when their Blackhawk helicopter made a hard landing in a remote forest. The two unidentified soldiers were among four on board the helicopter, which was on a training flight at about 4:30 p.m., according to a report from KDVR in Denver.

FAA Updates Model Aircraft Guidance

The FAA on Wednesday updated its 34-year-old Advisory Circular on personal model aircraft, issuing safety and airspace rules similar to the ones it has issued on consumer drones. The new version, which triples the length of the original 1981 AC (PDF) to three pages from one, limits model aircraft to 55 pounds unless certified by a recognized aeromodeling organization.

NBAA Protests EPA Emissions Plan

NBAA this week filed its formal response to a recent announcement from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that it wants to regulate carbon emissions from airplanes. NBAA said it is not opposed to new regulations, but wants them to be standardized across the globe. The International Civil Aviation Organization already is working to develop a worldwide standard for aircraft emissions, with a study and a meeting in the works for next year.

FAA Reminds Pilots To Medicate With Care

As part of its Fly Safe campaign aimed at general aviation pilots, the FAA on Tuesday posted information and links about the effect of drugs on flying skills -- including prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as illegal drugs. A 2011 study by the FAA found that 42 percent of toxicology reports from pilots who died in crashes showed the presence of some kind of drug or medication. Most of those drugs were not illegal, and the most common ones were antihistamines.

NASA Images Reveal Aircraft Shock Waves

Researchers from NASA have been experimenting with a 150-year-old photography technique that captures dramatic images of the shock waves created when airplanes fly at supersonic speeds. The images, which NASA posted online last week, reveal the effect of supersonic flight on the air-density gradient. Simple equipment is used to capture the images, which then are subjected to advanced processing techniques developed by NASA to create the final result.

ADS-B, TCAS 'Unreliable' In Southeast In September

ADS-B and TCAS will be disrupted during the whole month of September according to a NOTAM covering the U.S. Southeast. The FAA is warning all pilots flying from Virginia to Florida for the month of September that ADS-B and TCAS will be "unreliable" because of "military activities."

Embraer's Legacy 450 Jet Now FAA-Certified

The Legacy 450 business jet, an all-new mid-light design featuring fly-by-wire technology and sidestick controls, is now FAA-certified, the company announced on Monday. The jet was first certified in Brazil, a few weeks ago. Deliveries will start in the fourth quarter of this year, the company said. The jet has a top speed of Mach 0.83 and a range of up to 2,575 nm, and seats up to nine in the cabin. "The digital controls [in the cockpit] produce a smoother flight, improve performance, and reduce pilot workload," said Marco Tulio Pellegrini, CEO of Embraer Executive Jets, in a news release.

Short Final

Back when I was a student pilot in Navy Flight School, I was flying solo along the beach, conducting precision aerobatics practice. As I finished a barrel roll and set up for a loop, I heard a student-and-instructor aircraft check in to the area, and the exchange went like this. ... Instructor: "Solo aircraft 123, was that you that just did the barrel roll and loop?" ... Me (half-expecting an observed critique from the instructor): "Solo 123. Affirmative." ... Instructor: "Solo 123, I have a FAM-1 [new student] here that wants to be just like you when he grows up!" ... Me: "Roger that." ... as I pulled a victorious aileron roll! -- Greg Cole

Champagne Cork Grounds easyJet Flight

The champagne was flowing but so was the oxygen and that meant an easyJet flight from Gatwick to Turkey spent seven hours on the ground in Milan.

Cat Dispute Scrambles Fighters, Forces Airliner Diversion

While two F-16s waited outside, it was actually a cat-deprived "European model" that managed to bring down a Boeing 767 for an emergency landing in Denver on Friday.

AOPA Releases Annual Nall Report, Safety Video

AOPA's Air Safety Institute released its 24th annual Joseph T. Nall Report this week, including for the first time a review of helicopter accident causes. Overall, accident rates for non-commercial fixed-wing aircraft climbed from 6.30 per 100,000 hours in 2010 to 6.54 in 2012 due to flight time decreasing while accident counts remained level in that period.

Airshow Plane Comes Apart, Pilot Killed

An airshow pilot was killed during practice for the New York Air Show on Friday after the tail separated from the aircraft. The aircraft, a Giles 202 owned by airshow performer Andrew Wright, crashed in a wooded area.

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