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1981 LEARJET 35A

05/21/15 10:52AM
2006 CESSNA 350

05/21/15 09:01AM
1977 CESSNA 182Q Skylane

05/21/15 08:59AM
1976 CESSNA 182P Skylane

05/21/15 08:56AM
1999 CESSNA 182S Skylane

05/21/15 08:52AM
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Bill Would Affect VA Aviation Training Benefits

Aviation groups say a proposed new bill will essentially block military veterans from using their Veterans Administration benefits to obtain aviation degrees. The new measure would cap the VA benefits at $20,235 per year for flight training, a fraction of the cost of the programs that form the basis of degree aviation programs.

Short Final

Years ago, like 1960, I was a newly hired DC-3 co-pilot for Continental Air Lines. We could fly either VFR or IFR, depending the weather situation at the time. Needless to say, we went for VFR whenever we could. ... [One day,] the weather wasn't the greatest, but we thought VFR would work. Called ground for taxi clearance, and they came back with: "Continental, are you VFR or IFR?" ... Naturally, we came back with: "VFR." ... We bantered back and forth several times, and the last time they asked us they same question. The captain, in exasperation, said: "We're UFR." ... Ground control came back and said: "You're what?" ... The Captain answered: "Yah. Undecided." -- Lee Meyners

FAA Expands Data Comm Service

Data communications are now available at Newark Liberty International Airport, the FAA said last week, and later this summer the service will expand to Houston and Salt Lake City. Data Comm is already in use at Memphis International Airport, "where it's delivering great results," according to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. By next year, Data Comm will be deployed in more than 50 air traffic control towers, Huerta said, three years ahead of schedule.

Random Pilot Mental Health Tests Proposed

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr says random tests to determine the psychological fitness of pilots could reduce the risk to passengers from mentally ill pilots. In his first media interview since the Germanwings disaster in March, Spohr told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung such checks would likely require a loosening of strict doctor-patient confidentiality laws.

Museum Deal For Martin Mars Blocked

The Canadian government has thrown a wrench in long-running talks for the Navy's National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola to acquire the one aircraft missing from its collection. The Navy is working on a deal with Coulson Airtankers, of Port Alberni, British Columbia, owner of the last two Martin Mars flying boats to acquire one of the massive aircraft.

Hoverboard On The Market By Christmas

A Canadian company hopes to have a consumer "hoverboard" on the market by Christmas, a little more than a year after setting a Guinness record for flying a prototype of the device almost a thousand feet. Alexandru Duru, a Montreal software developer, stood aboard the hoverboard and flew about 20 feet high over Lake Ouareau, about 90 miles north of Montreal in August of 2014.

Airbus Orders Checks of A400M Software

Airbus is ordering engine software checks on A400M military aircraft after one of the four-engine turboprops crashed in Seville, Spain, on May 9 during a test flight, killing four of the six on board. According to a Reuters report, Airbus found data from the crash indicating a possible problem with the installation of the system that runs the engines. The company issued an alert to military agencies using the carrier aircraft, asking them to check the "electronic control units" that control the engines.

Gyrocopter Pilot Pleads Not Guilty To Charges For Capitol Landing (Updated)

Doug Hughes, the Florida mail carrier who landed his gyrocopter at the U.S. Capitol last month, pleaded not guilty in federal court Thursday to six felony and misdemeanor charges including illegally flying an aircraft and breaching Washington, D.C., restricted airspace. A grand jury indicted Hughes on the charges stemming from his April 15 flight, which he had openly planned as a protest of government corruption, The Associated Press reported. After his arrest outside the Capitol, he was placed under house arrest and has been banned from operating any aircraft.

Emergency AD Issued For Avidyne IFDs

The FAA this week issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive for Avidyne Integrated Flight Display units due to cases of incorrect course indications during RNAV approaches where the final fix is not aligned with the final approach course. The AD affects some software versions of 10- and 12-inch R9 displays and the IFD540. It requires adding to the Limitations Section of the airplane flight manual or flight manual supplement to state: "Flying a full procedure (non Vector-to-Final) GPS approach, with a course change at the Final Approach Fix (FAF), is prohibited," and "Flying a GPS approach, with a Direct-To or with an Omni-Bearing Selector (OBS) leg to the FAF, is prohibited."

Dynon Updates Skyview, Lowers Price For Pocket Panel

Dynon Avionics, the maker of experimental and light-sport panels, has lowered the price of its all-digital D2 Pocket Panel to $1095. Designed to serve as an instrument backup for certified or non-certified aircraft, the D2 features a true artificial horizon with responsive and accurate pitch and roll. AHRS sensors also provide a turn rate indicator and slip/skid ball. An internal GPS receiver provides ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, and ground track.

New This Week

AVweb's search of aviation news around the world found an engine upgrade for the Cessna Caravan, scholarship awards from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and The Racing Aces, and an upcoming convention for unmanned aerial systems hosted by NASA.

AOPA Fly-Ins Are Back

AOPA last year launched a series of regional fly-ins to replace the annual Summit, and this year they're doing it again. The season launched last weekend with a fly-in to Salinas, California, and continues June 6 at AOPA headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. A pilot information packet with the fly-in procedures for Frederick is posted online.

FAA To Form Panel On Airline Medical Screenings

The FAA is forming a working group to examine the medical certification of pilots and other airline workers in reaction to the Germanwings pilot who crashed an A320 in the Alps to commit suicide, killing all aboard. According to a Bloomberg report on Wednesday, the panel will include U.S. and international representatives of the air carrier industry, aviation regulators and doctors.

ATO Independence Gains Momentum

The move to separate the air traffic control function from the FAA is gaining momentum and it now appears that Congress is seriously considering a stand-alone air traffic organization that, by definition, would be independently funded.

Hydrogen Power For UAVs In The Works

Horizon Unmanned Systems, a drone company based in Singapore, says it has developed micro fuel cells powered by hydrogen that will enable small multi-rotor drones to fly for up to four hours, instead of the 20 to 30 minutes that's typical with lithium batteries. The prototype Hycopter stores compressed hydrogen fuel inside its tubular structure, saving on weight, and the company says the energy generated by a quarter pound of hydrogen is equal to about 6.6 pounds of lithium batteries.

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