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Sunset from above the altocumulus clouds at 30,000 feet near Oahu, Hawaii...More

Swiss Air Force practicing in a mountain range....More

Got some nice pics of a P-2 neptune, one of the coolest early cold war planes in my oppinion....More

Interesting shadow on the vapor cone....More

Tu-144 and Concorde at Sinsheim Museum...More

All the Concordes I’ve visited so far - Alpha Delta in NYC, Fox Alpha in DC and Alpha Charlie in Manchester...More

I'm probably not the first one to post this, but there is a Fokker 100 on top of the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam....More

CRJ-900 on the Stinger @ DFW...More

These fishing boats in the middle of the Arabian Sea...More

Alliance Air Show 10/19/19...More

World's longest nonstop commercial flight lands in Sydney -- To give the plane sufficient fuel range, the Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner took off with a full tank, a restricted baggage load, and just 49 people on board....More

The quick brown fox jumps before a 747...More

Happy ATC day!...More

Cubbin’ around the Yukon Territory...More

Night flying...More

Fall in the Kawarthas, Canada - Beautiful...More

Pratt & Whitney F135 Aka F-35 Engine...More

Skardu Airport after snowfall, in the shadow of the Karakorum...More

VFR flight in the Appennini mountains, central Italy. To my right is Mt. Gran Sasso (Big Rock), the tallest of this mountain ridge. Such a beautiful day....More

A surveillance plane I fuelled at work today...More

I see it nearly every morning , but it is stunning at night. Here , have some night shot of TS-11 "spark" monument ( if im correct , only polish jet construction)...More

Got to see a helicopter crane in action today!...More

Came through a little weather last night....More

Angels at Alliance Air Show yesterday...More

Fall in Upstate NY taken Oct. 18, 2019 - First post to Reddit ever! [OC] [3950x2960]...More

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