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Burlington VT
10/17/16 07:59AM
1999 LEARJET 45
10/14/16 06:25PM
2000 LEARJET 45
10/14/16 05:54PM
2011 BELL 407GX
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
10/14/16 05:20PM
10/14/16 05:00PM
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FAA Proposes NavWorx AD

The FAA has proposed an AD that would require the removal of certain NavWorx ADS-B transceivers because it claims the devices might broadcast "unreliable position information to air traffic control and nearby aircraft, resulting in potential aircraft collision.

AOPA Clarifies ADS-B Rebate Process

The FAA's rebate program for ADS-B compliance, launched a month ago, had more than 2,000 takers in its first week. The numbers are growing and inevitably, a few questions have emerged from pilots about claiming the $500 rebate, which requires procedures to test fly the aircraft with the newly installed equipment. AOPA has been answering questions from members while clarifying the requirements and pointing aircraft owners to FAA guidelines.

New This Week

AVweb's search of news in aviation found announcements from Banyan Air Service, the Recreational Aviation Foundation, the Unmanned Safety Institute and Sporty's. Banyan Air Service at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport will host a free Seaplane Splash-In on Nov. 19, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Splash-In will include two workshops.

Twin Pilot Runs Out Of Fuel, Lands By Highway

The pilot of an Aerostar 601P landed his twin alongside a highway Thursday in Georgia after he may have run out of fuel. Area news outlets photographed Ian McMahon standing by the aircraft as local law enforcement officers milled about and motorists looked on.

Textron Restructuring

Textron Inc. says it's restructuring its Textron Aviation devision in response to a "stubbornly soft" business jet market.

ModAero Is Back With NextGen Aviation Fest

The founders of the ModAero NextGen Aviation Festival launched their first event early this year with a great idea -- to target millennials, the 18 to 35 age group. But the project got off to a rocky start, when its social media reach of more than 1.2 million translated to just over 500 attendees on the ground. The team now is taking that in stride and working on bigger and better plans for next year, with a festival set for May 19 to 21, 2017, at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport in Conroe, Texas.

Boeing Opens St. Louis Composite Plant For 777X

Boeing opened its new manufacturing facility this week in St. Louis, where it will manufacture components of the upcoming 777X jet. The site historically served as an assembly facility for McDonnell Douglas military jets. Boeing merged with the company in 1997. Now, a 424,000-square-foot composite manufacturing complex will produce wing edge and empennage parts for the 777X beginning early next year. The first deliveries of the new wide-body airliner are scheduled to start in 2020.

DARPA Tests Robot Copilot

A new advanced robotics system that functions as a copilot has been successfully tested in flight in a Diamond DA-42 and a Cessna Caravan, Aurora Flight Sciences announced this week. On Monday, Aurora demonstrated automated flight capabilities with the Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) in a Caravan, flying basic maneuvers under the supervision of a pilot.

NTSB Cites Pilot Error, Safety Culture In Hawker Crash

The crew of a Hawker 700A jet that crashed in Akron, Ohio, a year ago showed a "disregard for safety," NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said today, and the company where they worked also "fell short of their obligations." Both crew members and all seven passengers died when the jet crashed into an apartment building about 1.8 miles short of Runway 25 at Akron Fulton International Airport on Nov. 10, 2015. The crew worked for Execuflight, which operates charter flights under Part 135. The first officer flew the approach, the NTSB said, and failed to follow checklists.

AOPA Asks Supreme Court To Hear Aviation Case

Only the FAA can set standards for aviation safety, AOPA told the Supreme Court this week, and states and courts should not be allowed to undermine that responsibility. AOPA submitted a "friend of the court" brief asking the judges to hear the case of Sikkelee v. Precision Airmotive Corp., which involves a 2005 airplane crash in North Carolina.

Dolderer Red Bull Champion

Germany's Matthias Dolderer was crowned the 2016 Red Bull Air Race champion Sunday after a weathered-out season finale in Las Vegas invalidated the day's flying results.

Short Final

Back in the 70's I was in the pattern at Palamar Airport, along with several other aircraft. One fellow was having issues with his radio ... Tower: "N1234 turn off your radio." ... After several long seconds ... Tower: OK, turn it back on. John Heiser

Near Collision In Shanghai

Some power in reserve and the pilot's decision to use it may have prevented a disaster at Shanghai International Airport Oct. 11.

First Flight For Battery-Powered Helicopter

Tier 1 Engineering has flown a battery-powered manned helicopter for a five-minute cruise flight, the company recently announced. The aircraft flew to 400 feet altitude and reached a peak speed of 80 knots during its first flight, which took place in late September in Costa Mesa, California. "I'm very pleased to achieve this historic breakthrough in aviation," said Glen Dromgoole, Tier 1 president. "Never before has a conventional manned helicopter performed a vertical takeoff, cruise, and landing solely on battery power."

NavWorx Hoping For Quick Resolution

NavWorx says it expects agreement in "two to three weeks" with the FAA on the qualification of some of its ADS-B products for the $500 rebate the agency is offering early adopters of the technology.

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